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Make Money Online In A Few Hours Per Week With Your Laptop

OnlineBizGuru.comYour Dream –

  • To Make A $100,000 Plus Income Online
  • To Be Able To Travel And Enjoy Life
  • To Be Free From Stress & Financial Worries
Your Reality –
  • You Can’t Seem To Get Started
  • You’re Feeling Stuck & Overwhelmed
  • You Realize There’s No Magic Bullet
Your Solution –
  • You Need Someone To Personally Help You
  • You Need Clear Cut Steps You Can Follow
  • You Need A Method That Makes Success Inevitable

Important: If you are frustrated, struggling or stuck, you probably don’t know how basic & simple you can keep things and do well. As you can see, this site is simple and to the point, proof that if you do it right, you can keep it simple and succeed. If you are already a whiz at website design , video, etc. that qualifies as simple for you. The purpose of OnlineBizGuru.com is to get you to earning with a minimal amount of additional learning. Once you are making a living, if you want to get fancy and conquer the world, be my guest. Let’s get you to a place where you have the money, time and freedom to live your own success story.

The purpose of OnlineBizGuru.com is to help you to create your ideal lifestyle. That means being Happy, Healthy and Wealthy with the time and freedom to enjoy your life from anywhere you choose with just a laptop and an internet connection. Please notice I said “help you to create”, not slam dunk, quick & easy, automatic or even all in one solution. If you’ve bought courses or systems claiming the above, you have probably found that your outcome didn’t match the marketing hype.
The order in which your success trilogy is achieved is important, therefore Happy, Healthy and Wealthy in that order is the proper sequence. My experience with clients has shown that this is the the order that gets the best results and is the easiest and quickest to achieve. It creates the balanced synergy needed for you to sustain your journey to success. This doesn’t mean we only work on one at a time until perfected. They need to be done in conjunction and harmony with each other. Another way to put it is, they need to be in balance.
Sometimes one or another may need more attention but not at the expense of the others. Allow me to explain. You need to have an adequate, safe, secure income to have peace of mind, however if you are unhappy and unhealthy it will make wealth much harder to achieve and anti-climactic if you do get there. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that lots of money alone will fix everything.
Happiness, it’s first because it’s the quickest area in which to achieve results. You will notice an immediate increase in your happiness as soon as you see some real progress towards your ideal lifestyle. Progress creates happiness. Happiness provides the energy and willpower to improve and sustain the other areas in your life.
Health, If you are sedentary, overweight or suffer from lifestyle ailments, just a little bit of the right actions can dramatically improve your ability to think clearly, elevate your energy level and increase your joy in life. Upwards of 70% of all medical expenses are for preventable and reversible lifestyle caused illnesses, they cause a serious drain on happiness and wealth. I’m not talking a major diet, joining a gym or running 10 miles a day, just some gentle effective things you can do to see a positive change. If you are already healthy and in great shape, you’re just that much farther ahead.
Wealth, While I certainly don’t want to limit your income, I didn’t say rich, or zillions of bucks for a reason. There’s a difference between lots of money and being wealthy. Wealth is more substantial and enduring. It creates more peace of mind and is less stressful. How can being rich be stressful? Think of all the rich and famous people who have committed suicide, overdosed or are in the news because their lives are totally messed up. Rich can be fickle and fleeting, just ask the majority of lottery winners who are worse off in 5 years than before they won, wealth is enduring. Wealth provides the means for the trilogy.
To recap.
Happiness provides you with enjoyment and willpower, Health provides you with energy and clear thinking and Wealth provides the safety, security and enduring means for your new lifestyle. They are synergistic; like a stool with three legs, if you take one away you become unstable and you fall.
If you are like most of the people I help, you don’t live in a vacuum. You have pressures and obligations in your everyday life and it can be a bit messy and stressful from time to time. The path you take has to consider your current life circumstances in order to evolve you towards success as gracefully as possible. If you try to do everything at once or try to do too much, too fast, you’ll burnout and lose momentum. Think “evolution, not revolution” it’s faster and easier.

Please take 11:47 to watch David Kelley explain “creative confidence”

  In the video, when I heard David talk about how his friend’s creativity was destroyed, I wondered, what if that had happened to Michelangelo, Salvador Dali or Steve Jobs? What if it’s secretly holding you back?
I’m here to help you connect or reconnect with your own inner creativity. To help you rebuild or renew your “creative confidence.” To open up your awareness to more than just copying something or someone, to enable you to create a powerful, unique voice that enriches the lives of others and yours in return.
“I teach you what you need to know and what to do right now, whether it’s how to get started, what to do next, how to get unstuck, or how to stop being overwhelmed.”
What works is addressing the most significant, immediate issue or problem you are facing and providing you with a path through it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s business related, partner problems, emotional blockages, self doubt, limiting beliefs, etc. We need to identify your issue, develop a plan, and I need to be there for you until it’s no longer holding you back.
Caution – It may not be what you are expecting, often your problem is caused by focusing on the wrong thing or getting ahead of yourself. We may have to backtrack a bit to get you on the right path.
Think back to the example in the video where they were drugging the children in order to put them through the MRI machine, how sad & tragic. Misery heaped upon misery for the sake helping them. Then, such a wonderful solution that actually created joy for many of them while they underwent their tests. You may be in a similar situation in your quest. You may be discouraged, frustrated and upset at times. If so, maybe you need another way to look at what you’re doing or a way to make your experience more enjoyable and productive.
Imagine for a moment, taking what you learn and using it to help others. To help them re-frame their experiences so that they can overcome their struggles and enjoy their lives; while you make a great living in the process.
Many of the courses and training programs my clients have invested in actually contain useful information, however you can’t get your value or money’s worth out of them if you’re confused, stuck, or overwhelmed. I’ve helped many people recoup their investment in a course they thought didn’t work. This includes people who have bought courses from just about every big name in the business.
The frustration and failure rate of trying to do it alone with just a course is very high no matter what the marketing hype says.
Here are a few biggies that will stop you cold.

  • You are stuck because you don’t know the real problem, that’s why it’s baffling.
  • You think you’ve found your niche and distilled it down; I promise you it’s almost always too broad.
  • You don’t really understand the concept, creation and implementation of urgency so powerful that your target customer has to respond to or buy your offering.
  • Your copy sucks, even if you think it’s clever, it came with a course you bought, or you stole it from another site.

Those are just a few; anyone of them or other common unknowns will stop you dead in your tracks and make you miserable.
I’ve been a business consultant & sales trainer for years and had my first success on the internet in the mid-90s. I’ve sold both hard goods and information. If you truly want to have an almost endless supply of viable, high profit ways to help people, information and service products are the best. They are easy to create if you know how and frustrating if you don’t.
I have coached, taught and helped several hundred people in the past few years and where I have been able to help most is not by having a giant launch with a lot of hype and hoopla, or flooding the market with another Blueprint, Magic Bullet or some other type of all in one, all-purpose course that costs $2000 or more, or a $497 per month continuity program that basically has a ton of guest interviews/trainings that are really sales pitches for whatever they think you might buy next. You know what I’m talking about; you probably have been through your share of them. We call them “BSO’s” Bright Shiny Objects and they are hard to resist.
There are no magic beans, if you want a big beanstalk then you’re going to have to cultivate one.
I’m not selling a course or a system. I provide you with the missing pieces you need. It’s unfortunate, but usually what you need is counter-intuitive and not sexy enough to package for big bucks.
I work through a very affordable membership group that is limited to a small number of folks. I also offer a limited number of deeply discounted 1 on 1 coaching sessions each month to members of the group to address specific issues. You can find out more about it here.