*Best Cities for a Career (Unless It’s An Online Business)

2015’s Best & Worst Cities to Start a Career And Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Have An Online Business

I was looking over a list of the largest 150 US cities rated by ease of starting a career. While it was interesting, it doesn’t pertain to my online business or how I teach others to do the same. I’ve lived and worked in some of these cities in the past and while I still enjoy visiting them, I no longer have to depend on being geographically stuck in one to earn a great living.

I’m typing this from a resort near a beach and I’ve just returned from a two week road trip to see friends and family and to sample some new restaurants. Why would I want to be stuck in one spot?

I have also noticed that the list changes from year to year. What if you get stuck in a city that’s losing ground or in a recession?

Maybe you want to live in one of the lowest rated cities because of family, climate or some other criteria. That’s why an online information or coaching business can’t be beat. No warehouses, inventory or brick and mortar infrastructure to tie you down and suck up revenue.

A few years back I moved my residence and banking to a state with no income tax from one with a 13% tax. The cost of living here is also about 60% of what I was paying. Did I mention I live about a kilometer from the nicest bluewater beach on the Gulf of Mexico and I live at the resort I mentioned above when I’m not traveling?

To truly have peace of mind and financial security you need to have your own business. I guess the exceptions may be if you have a large trust fund or big annuity doling out thousands per month. Barring that, an online business is the easiest and least complicated way to create a great income that you control.

A few years back we had a big recession here in the US and a lot of people suffered. The dollar became weak and people using the Euro and the Australian dollar had a favorable exchange rate with us. Guess what? I wound up working with a lot of folks from those areas via Skype. I was earning dollars and they were getting a deal; win-win.

Their economies were strong and they had the money to spend. At the very same time some of my clients who had traditional brick and mortar businesses suffered. Some of my friends who were employees lost their jobs and still haven’t fully recovered. Several lost their homes.

I hope I’ve made my point. You don’t have to upset the apple cart to get started. I basically run my business by spending about an hour per day. Some days I feel inspired and may put in a few hour long sessions separated by some fun time. Some days it’s just a few minutes; if I have clients scheduled then it takes more time. But I control the schedule.

You don’t have to quit your job or stop what you’re doing now to get started. Basically it’s just one less TV show per day that you use for building your dream future and financial security.

I case you still want to start a career in one of the cities on the list here’s a link. 2015’s Best & Worst Cities to Start a Career




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