FAQ & Rates

I offer 1 on 1 coaching done by Skype + Screen Share. Skype is preferred since it works best when I’m out of the U.S.

In order for you to get the maximum benefit from each session there are a few steps you need to follow

  • Please be in a quiet place and at your computer. No coffee shops, trains, buses, restaurants, watching TV or at the park with the kids (all actual occurrences).
  • If we’re using Skype please test your connection, audio equipment and settings. Quite often the mic and speakers on your laptop are substandard. We need to be able to clearly understand one another. You may need to get a headset.
  • If you have a partner or associate we can include them in the session at no additional fee. If they are at a separate location we can conference them in.
  • Be prepared, I prefer a brief email the day before, stating your progress and any issues or topics you feel challenged by or want to cover. This helps me to prepare for our call.
  • Be prepared to take notes
  • Be on time


Note: If you are a prospective client, we will have a short session prior to you booking your first full one. This is usually 1/2 hour to see if we’re a fit. Prior to this preliminary session I will send you a questionnaire so that I can be familiar with your challenges and objectives. Then you may schedule your first session. There is a $25 charge for this session click here for an explanation. Click here to schedule.

$250 per 1 hour session  Click here to schedule.

$600 for 3 sessions if booked and paid for at the same time. (This is a great starter package to get you up and going faster) Click here to schedule.

If this is our first session my suggestion is to book 1 session at $250 and if at the end of that session you wish to have more, I’ll honor the 3 for $600 package and add 2 more sessions for just an additional $350. This offer is good at the end of our initial session, please don’t contact me afterward and expect the discount.



This is on a quote per project basis. A good ballpark for a long form static page is $1500 – $2000. I don’t just slap something together from boilerplate or a swipe file. Your copy should reflect you so there’s no disconnect with the people you reach.

A/B split testing variations are available at a nominal fee based on the amount and extent of revisions.


Q: Will I be working directly with you?

A: Yes

Q: Why do you charge $25 for the evaluation interview?

A: The signup for the evaluation is on an open form and anyone can sign-up.

People sign-up in good faith, however since they have no skin in the game it’s easy to forget or blow off the appointment

The $25 is non-refundable; there’s been a 100% attendance rate since it was implemented.

If we decide to work together, prior to booking your first session, ask me for a special code that will discount your first session so you’ll get your $25 back.

Click here to schedule.

If you no show; thanks for buying me lunch.

Q: How do I schedule a session(s)?

A: There’s a page on my site (here) that has a scheduling calendar where you can schedule a time that’s convenient for you. You will also receive a reminder the day before our session.

If for some reason you are unable to to meet at the normally available times, contact me and we’ll arrange a mutually convenient time.

Q: How often do I need a session?

A:  It will be up to you. It may seem counter-intuitive, however too many sessions, too often can actually cause problems. You need time for this to soak in no matter how simple we keep it. I can give you enough stuff in one session to bury you for a month if I’m not careful. Like in medicine, this about the proper dosage, too much of the right medicine can cause problems.

Some people need 2 or 3 sessions a week apart to start. Most people benefit from every other week or monthly. You may just need me now and then for copy, marketing strategy or a specific challenge.

Q: What if I get stuck between sessions?

A: I’m available by email between sessions. Keep them short and to the point please. I once had someone send me 168 questions in an email, not nice. This is about your progress and success, I don’t want you stuck & frustrated between sessions. Please don’t expect an immediate response, usually it will be no more than 24 hours unless I’m traveling or out of internet range. Don’t be surprised if I Skype you out of the blue, sometimes a few minutes together is better than the best email.

Q: How many sessions will I need?

A: It’s totally up to you. I’ll be here when you need me. You know if you are progressing or stuck.

Q: How long will it take?

A: I don’t know. Often clients come to me upset by the money and time they have already spent with nothing but frustration to show for it. I truly understand, however we have to start out where it does you the most good. I can’t make up for your lost time, I can help you not lose any more time though. Once you start to progress, you’ll find you’ll be happier. Progress is the best cure for frustration. It’s about getting you there the quickest from where we start.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: An hour is usually plenty however I don’t count the minutes. If we need to spend a little extra time to get it right it’s not a problem. I ask that you respect my time and that we don’t drag out every session.

Q: Can you do it all or will I need another coach someday?

A: I love this question. I don’t believe any one coach can do it all for anyone. Initially our goal together will be to get you viable, making an income and solid in the basics and day to day activities. If you are already doing well as some of my clients are, we’ll work on the areas where improvement will help the most. The time may come when you may want to work with a specialist in a certain area. You’ll know or I’ll tell you when I feel it’s in your best interest to to seek other coaching.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: No, you pay by the session when you book the appointment. There is a discount though if you book 3 sessions at a time.

Q: What’s you’re session cancellation policy?

A: With a minimum 24 hour notice we just reschedule. If you miss the appointment or contact me the day of the session you will be billed. Sometimes the unexpected happens, if there are extenuating circumstances, I may make allowances on a case by case basis. You may feel like you need to reschedule because you didn’t do anything or enough since our last session, experience has shown this may be when you need me most. There will be no judgement, only understanding. We’ll regroup and move forward, it happens.

Q: If I go for the package of 3 sessions, how long do I have to use them?

A: 90 days. Here’s the reasoning; if you are working on your business you will need them much sooner. However if for some reason you’ve started to procrastinate it will encourage you to take action. Also when there’s too long a period between sessions we can lose continuity.

Q:How do I pay?

A: In the old days we had you strap small bills to a homing pigeon. We’ve updated that process recently, now I send you a PayPal link. You may use your credit, debit or PayPal account. Payment is made when you book your appointment(s).

Q: Can I have others in the session and do you charge extra?

A: I have had whole law offices and multi-person teams in a session. You may have your partner(s) in if you wish. If you are at different locations I can Skype us in together. There can be 9 people on your side although I don’t recommend it unless they are basically passive listeners. There is no additional fee.

Q: How do your clients contact you?

A: My clients have email, Skype contact privileges.

Q: What type of people or businesses do you help?

A:  Internet based businesses and some brick and mortar, however there are types I tend not to take on. First if you want to do an affiliate or PLR (Private Label Rights) only business, I’m not your guy. All businesses may have some of that involved , I have affiliate links and will provide other people’s material (usually at no cost) to others on occasion if it’s really good. Sadly most PLR is garbage. Pure affiliate marketing doesn’t make sense, Google hates it and will make your life tough, plus you have no control over your own business. This isn’t the same as JV relationships, they can be very good. If you can drive that much traffic, let me show you how to make your own information product and create a sustainable income and devoted following. I do not work with MLM opportunities and “miracle cure” products.