Books, ETC.

This is an evolving list. It is a small sample of the hundreds of books I’ve read. They are on this page because they have useful information and insights for you whether it’s your happiness, health or wealth. I’ll be adding to the list, rearranging it and adding commentary as time goes by.


If you only read one book about why people buy and how they are persuaded, this is the one

I learned the lessons in this book the hard way. It will show you why too much can be detrimental to decisions.  One of the best books on simplifying your offering.

Great book. It can help you in several ways. If you’d like to have more understanding of why and how you eat. Plus how expectations can influence the outcome. Important in creating satisfied customers.

I admit it, I’m a neuroscience junky. The one best book so far on “Happiness, Love and Wisdom.”


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