Pete’s Studio Stuff – Webcams, Etc.

Here’s a couple of webcams and a microphone I use to create content. I use very little hardware.

I have the predecessor to the 525 webcam (510) and that’s what I use. It has a 720p camera that’s crisp and a good mic. You can hang it off the top of your laptop screen and use it for your Skype calls. I’ve even done radio shows with it and the audio was comparable to the people in the studio. I like that it folds up (protecting the lens) and fits in a nice little case that was included. It’s all I used for quite awhile. Since I travel around it’s my go anywhere, go to device. It lives in my laptop bag.

The 920 webcam has more advanced optics,1080p and auto focus features plus a tripod mount (the 525 doesn’t). It’s a more advanced camera with higher resolution. It doesn’t fold up like the 525 and is better for someone who doesn’t need to travel.

Something to consider: I have clients all over the world with varying qualities of internet service and have found that video often sucks up too much bandwidth. So sometimes you are much better off not trying to transmit in 1080.

I use this as my studio microphone. I has different pattern settings. One is for right in front, which cuts out most of the ambient noise. I use this setting quite a bit out of the country because some of the areas I visit are quite noisy. It also has a figure 8 pattern good for interviewing someone sitting across from you. I don’t use a pop filter or any acoustic enclosures with it. There are a ton of mics out there but this one just plugged in and worked for me. Mine came with a mini tripod stand and a travel bag everything fits in.

This is the headset/microphone I use, I’ve had it for 5 years and use it all the time. I even listen to music with it although it’s not like Beats or Bose for sound quality.  I’ve done radio shows, Skype calls and recorded presentations with it. The only thing I’ve had to replace are the foam pads over the earpieces, they wore out. There may be ones just as good for less; this is the one I’ve owned and tested. You may have gotten the idea that most of my equipment has to travel and be compact, if you don’t need this feature you can probably find better but bigger headsets.


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