The Storm That Started It All

It started a few years back with ‘The Storm.” I lived on an 80 acre ranch in the coastal mountains of Northern California in an area that seldom gets snow. So when a 100 year storm hit and took out all my power and communications plus snowed me in for almost 2 weeks I didn’t immediately recognize it as a blessing. I lived in a remote area and the power pole lying across my only access road for the ranch wasn’t a big priority for the power crews. I had plenty of food, firewood and books so I decided to enjoy the solitude, read by the fire and cook on the hearth. The first 2 days were great, but then I got to thinking.

Even though I lived on a ranch with towering Redwoods, overlooking the Pacific Ocean & Monterey Bay in one of the most beautiful places on earth, my life wasn’t fulfilling. I was busy making a living and not consciously creating my ideal lifestyle. I wasn’t starving in the normal sense however I was starving emotionally, spiritually and for passion to once again be the driving force in my life. Sadly I realized many of my friends were in the same boat, just going through the motions most days, pretty much just on autopilot. I was on the verge of a ‘pity party’ but decided to create a way out of my sorry state instead.

I didn’t want to work at a desk all day (unless it was my desk or at a resort somewhere). I certainly didn’t want to be confined in a “beige cage”, better known as a cubicle. I also didn’t want to be at the mercy of layoffs, downsizings, right-sizings, off-shoring, tax hikes, etc.

I wanted to be able to meet friends for breakfast and schlep around during the day, travel to where the rhythm took me, so I did and it was great except for one little thing. My income sucked! I’d have really good months then dry spells. I don’t know about you but I stress when I’m not earning a nice steady income, even if I have a lot of money in the bank. Negative cash flow freaks me out, so does debt.

Plus I was having to sell myself and my services and then perform the service. Not to mention payables, receivables, taxes, etc. Hey it was just like a job plus I had to go to my client’s offices all the time and with no benefits or guaranteed paycheck. But I could have breakfast with friends and have fun when I wasn’t busy and could afford it.

Freedom kinda sucked actually.

I was stressed and I had no security; I felt unsafe. I started having dreams that me and my beloved lab Susie were sleeping under a freeway overpass. One night I had a dream she was sick and I couldn’t afford a vet so she died, it was a horrible. I realized that I wasn’t doing this right and that even when I was having fun this was weighing on my subconscious. Here I was helping these other people to succeed and my life was in shambles, I felt like a phony.

Not much of a lifestyle.

To quote Jim Rohn – “You can’t change where you’re at in an instant, but you can change your direction in one.” So that’s what I did. It was time to commit to creating the lifestyle I wanted, to change direction.

It was in those days that I really felt my passion for life return and for the first time in years I was committed to making it happen. I realized that everything I’d truly wanted and passionately committed to had happened. I felt alive again. Why had I lost my way for so many years?

That’s when I created “”, I wanted to be able to earn an executive income based on value creation, not hours spent and I wanted to be able to do it from anywhere in the world with my laptop and an internet connection. My only geographic limit would be internet access and it had to be a business where I also got a lot of warm fuzzies. I finally admitted to myself that I need to help others and be appreciated for it.

It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t immediate, some of my friends thought I’d finally lost it. I struggled, in fact I did worse than ever financially and I was tempted to get a job. To make matters even worse, I had some good offers and I won’t say it wasn’t tempting. However for the first time in a long time I knew I’d succeed, I had to, I was “all in.” In hindsight, I do however recommend getting your internet income up to snuff before quitting your job, much less stressful.

Why am I telling you this? I want you to know that you are not alone, and that I understand.

Just to keep this from rambling too far let me jump ahead a bit. I wound up with a few consulting clients who were willing to work with me over the net. Then one day one of them asked me to check out an” internet guru” to see if I thought he was legitimate. I looked and I was impressed, of course I got on his mailing list and then suddenly I was getting tons of emails from ‘gurus’ with must have, guaranteed stuff.

A few months later my client suggested we take a several thousand dollar road-trip to Los Angeles. When I asked what the several thousand was for, he said we were going to a seminar by the previously mentioned Guru. We went and had a great time eating in amazing restaurants, working out and spending 10 – 12 hours a day in seminars. It was awesome, I had so much information, a system and I had even been successful on the internet before, this was a slam dunk.

However when I sat down to do it using this new system I was stuck and overwhelmed. Luckily I had experience building a business and some web savvy. It didn’t help that I was being bombarded by must have “Bright Shiny Objects” from tons of “Web Gurus.” They are mighty hard to resist, especially since you need them, so we’re led to believe. Fall for enough of them and you will always be learning and never earning.

I did OK and a few months later I actually wound up being a consultant for this mega millionaire web guru. For several years I helped hundreds of his clients get unstuck, find their market and regain their momentum. Along the way I’ve worked 1 on 1 with people who follow other gurus or several gurus and have found that there are common areas that frustrate almost everyone.

The real driving force behind is that once I get to know my clients and I ask them what they really want, a majority of them say they want my lifestyle.

There it was, the one thing I can do best to help people get what they really want. I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been in my life since my clients actually handed me the thing I could do that would help them the most. It goes to show that it’s never too late and that if you engage with people you can find your true calling. I think of it as my “Passionate Purpose.”

You will find that almost always once you get the hang of this business that you won’t wind up doing what you thought you would. What you can do that people really desire and that will help them the most reveals itself to you. Believe me it’s much easier and way more rewarding financially and emotionally to have people desire your product or service than to try and hunt them down and talk them into something.

You may not want to work from an exotic place, maybe just your deck or kitchen table. Maybe just be at home for the kids or live on your own schedule. You may want the safety and security of an income that isn’t controlled by someone else. Many of the people I work with have lost their retirement and know that social security isn’t for sure either. What you really get with this lifestyle is freedom, security and relief from stress. You have more choices on how to live your life. That my friend, is true freedom.

Before you get too excited let me tell that while this is about living an awesome lifestyle and that means making a substantial, secure income, I choose lifestyle over money. As long as I make enough with an extra cushion, I won’t compromise my style of living for more money. So I don’t delegate and outsource a lot and I don’t have employees, I keep it simple and prosperous (this website is an example of simple). You’ll be amazed how basic you can keep it and do well. Once you become successful with the basics, you can, if you decide to, build your vast internet empire, by then you will be earning an executive income and have proved your concept. It will be easier and faster

As for me, I like to have time to be with friends and family on a beach somewhere with a Mojito in hand

 ~ Cheers, Pete