Do You Or Someone You Know Have Dyslexia?

I've seen the issues and disadvantages caused by being dyslexic.

My ex wife was smart, a whiz with numbers and an awesome artist. She was a bank officer, and accomplished clothes designer and multi-discipline artist. However, she had a terrible time reading. Words and letters just moved around on her and she had a frustrating time reading.

I wonder if what I'm about to show you would have changed her life.

There's a guy who is dyslexic, who has created a font, chrome extension, and some other tools designed to help dyslexia.

I'm not dyslexic so I can't tell you if the results are as advertised. However I hope they are.

It's called Dyslexie Font.

There's a Chrome extension that converts any website you're viewing to Dyslexie Font.

If you try their offerings and have an opinion, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a comment with your results.

I'm not affiliated with them in any way, I just hope this may help.

To go to Dyslexie Font Homepage click HERE.



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